How we chose our business name!

How we chose our business name!

Written by David Herbert December 03, 2018


Think outside the box

How did we name our company 831 designs, and what inspired it?
​More than 15 years ago, way before the idea of creating books had entered our heads, we as a couple and then a family would write "831 Designs" on the back of anything we had homemade.
Such as birthday cards, poems, Christmas cards, any artwork that any we had made each other.
Why 831 Designs?
831 is a very special number to us.
Back in 2002 I said these numbers to a guy I was dating,
(yes, I had issues about being weak and actually telling a guy I ‘loved him’.)
What was funny about this is that it actually took him more than three weeks to work out what these numbers meant?
So it became very fun and playful and I would keep dropping it into magic moments we were creating as a new couple does.
So… What is 831?
"831" 8 letters - 3 words - 1 meaning
That guy, 15 years later, is now my incredible hubby, and father to my children, David.
The first book we ever self-published was, Tegan Helens first book, ‘Money for Kids’.

Book, Money for Kids by Tegan Helen

We of course used our 'made with love' 831 Designs as the publisher.
At this stage we never imagined the company we would create from our cutesy ‘made with heart’ name. 831 Designs Publishers was created, not knowing that it would eventually grow into the company that we have today.
The name is no longer a cute 'made with love' name.
It's our passion and our heart, its how we give back and help others, help others.
A company created by love,
The love and passion for what we do with our clients.

831 Designs - Youe speak, we write

We have a huge passion to serve, and we know our clients feel this.
(check out our testimonials)
So against the advice of changing our company name.
Because it's not only a business created by heart, it leads with heart and continues to make a positive impact.
We are so proud of the service we provide and will continue to provide.
Big thank you to all of our amazing clients and 'Bestselling authors' we are super grateful you chose to partner with us, and continue to refer new awesome clients for us to help on their journey.
The story behind the business​
It all started by accident, as our daughter, Tegan Helen wrote her first book, Money for Kids back in spring 2016. She brought down a pile of hand-written notes and announced that she has written a book to help kids learn about financial education as this is not taught in schools.
​Our first response and thought was Wow, next came a puzzled look at each other, how and what do we do next? We researched on the web looking for book publishers and their services, these ranged anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000, funds that we just did not have, with a return of 3-15%. They also wanted to take Tegan off of the cover and correct all her grammar, we felt the grammar was part of the magic of a seven-year-old writing a book.​
We found a printing firm that could print our books for us, if we created it formatted and print ready along with correctly sized cover. We had 60 copies made. Wow, it looked awesome, a real book. We took them to the Ultra Kids Fayre in London and Tegan sold all 59 copies as we wanted to keep one of the originals. After such a big success, we went back and did even more research, looking at many different publishers as we wanted to distribute it all across the UK and beyond.
​We managed to find information about CreateSpace which is a part of amazon self-publishing. We learnt all about how to do this for ourselves. This was even better as we could market the books globally. We released Tegan’s other two books Be Fearless and The Power to Unlock your Dreams.

Tegan Helen - Books

The more we knew the more we grew, we did many training's, online webinars and courses. Next we started interviewing the content out of each other when we wrote our first book, 3 Steps to Family, which made the final book much more conversational and it flowed and felt like us, we also made it an Amazon best seller by the marketing campaign leading up to the book launch.
​After this book, we had people amazed at what we could do and asking if we could replicate it for them. After the third person asking we sat down together as a couple and went through our process, how we could systematize it to create another book. After a few evenings working out how best to move forward with this we agreed how this could be done.
​Our first client was a referral from a relationship that we had built with someone who was interested in our services. The introduction was made, Laura closed the deal and we had our first client. We were in the first stage of testing out our new system. We started retrieving the content, as we went through this, Laura naturally progressed into a life story coach, Laura had an incredible way of coaching the content out, asking questions going deeper, letting the message and magic hit the page.
​As the content was coming out we were getting the other necessary parts together, title and sub-title ideas, cover design, foreword, about the author etc.
Once the book was complete, proofed by the author, re-edited and then reproofed, we started the 3-week marketing campaign as the client had requested to become an Amazon best-selling author.

Amazon Best Selling Author

We went all in as this is something that we had achieved once, and we were not 100% sure if it was a fluke. We built a lead capture page, telling the proposed buyer of the new book all about the author and what they hope their readers get from the lessons in this book.
​This was achieved with videos of the author and messages from him. The new buyer was taken through the funnel and asked to sign up to be contacted when to buy the book at the best possible price. This way we were building the author a new email list for them to use later. (We do not hold or copy this)
Over the next few weeks we created and sent an email marketing campaign on behalf of the author, getting the new proposed buyers hot and ready to buy, at the correct time and date, we proudly got the author to an International Best Seller in the UK and number one best seller in the USA for several weeks, and to this day over a year since launch he still pops up in the Best Seller status.
We have learnt so many amazing skills and strategies our clients can now make thousands of dollars before they even launch the book. Our development has been an exciting journey, that we plan to continue to strive in.
Since the first one we have learnt and grown into the unique publishers we are today. With continuing learning for advances in systems of book publishing. We have been to many outstanding business events and made many incredible connections, which we consistently use to help elevate our bestselling authors.

Books - Best selling authors

At 831 Designs, we believe that every author has a story to tell and that every story deserves to be told. We work with our writers every step of the way on their journey, helping to bring out the most from their work. From an idea and rough draft to editing and publication, 831 Designs helps our authors produce high quality, interesting, and entertaining books. We help them boost or launch their brand, making them the go-to expert in their niche. With 831 designs you get SO much more than just a book.
We are a dedicated team, passionate about getting your message out into the world to help impact others, without losing the magic that is you. We LOVE helping you turn your powerful story into an incredible read that others with not only gain great value and content from but that will want to read again and again, share it with others, and change their lives.
​If you want help from someone who is as passionate as you are, about getting your book out there, then you have come to the right place!
We make easy, fast and fun! We do not allow you the time to procrastinate.
We get it done and we take you through the journey step by step.

831 Designs

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