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Know your numbers - Data file

As the leader in your family, your ability to make those dreams come true often comes down to cash flow. If you know your numbers you are light years ahead and a step closer to financial freedom.

You can’t save your way into abundance. You have to understand leverage and make your money work harder than you do. There are also lots of helpful travel tips and tools we will share helping you to hugely cut your costs!

The best money is residual money. I worked every hour of the day until we found this incredible lifestyle, allowing us to live well below our means whilst having an incredible lifestyle.

We made the decision to live a life of total time and money freedom and travel the world full time with our beautiful family. We developed this simple tool to help you know your numbers so you too can get super clear.

  • Discover what you expect as an income and what you actually get.
  • See your outgoings clearly in black and white.
  • Learn how much you would actually save changing lifestyles.
  • This worksheet works the sums out for you.
  • You cant move forward until you know where you REALLY are!


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