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House and Pet Sitting

House and pet sitting is our preferred lifestyle choice over the traditional hotel-hopping and tourist routine. It immerses us immediately in the heart of local communities, where we're embraced as family. We gain insights into the local way of life, immerse ourselves in their culture, and understand their daily routines. Locals graciously share their insider tips on must-see attractions, top dining spots, and vibrant local markets, making our travel experiences truly enriching and authentic.

"Laura and her family were amazing cat and house sitters. A real fun family. Great communication throughout. Kept my house very clean, and even washed all the bedding before I returned. My cats were clearly loved and pampered whilst I was away. I recommend them to you and would welcome them to my house again."
NICCI (Aylesford England, Aug 2023 - 2 weeks)

"David, Laura and Tyler are great Housesitter’s plus so much more! They looked after the dog well and kept her nice and trim. They looked after our business whilst we were away and nothing was to much trouble. Great communication and very open and honest and trustworthy. The house was well cared for and Tyler is a very mature helpful young man."
KATREEN (Burton Latimer England, Nov 2022 - 6 months)

We are a full-time worldwide traveling family of explorers, we love learning and growing together. We love staying in homes instead of hotels helping people as we go, and getting to really know the locals and their way of life. We are clean tidy non-smokers, no pets of our own. Before our travels, we lived on the farm. Before kids, we were in the hospitality/tourism business. Hubby used to be a gardener/landscaper. We have two very behaved and polite children, who love to learn new languages and love helping out where needed. Bestselling authors of the book 'Creatively Homeless'

We have lived in pet-sits full-time for the last six years, with our two children. Throughout the pandemic we pet-sat in a property in Andalucia, Spain, which had ten acres of land. And also looked after two donkeys in an off-grid property in Hungary, after the pandemic we came back to the UK house and pet sitting all around the UK, from Essex, Bristol, Nottingham, Kettering and have stayed in a six-bedroom Tudor-style house in Shropshire which had gorgeous gardens and tree swings, while looking after dogs, ducks and sheep. Many of these house sits we have been asked back and have sat multiple times, filling up a year-long stay in the UK.

We had quite a few pet-sits in the UK with hot tubs, secret rooms behind bookcases — even games rooms for the kids

Tyler David with donkeys


Love is at the heart of our house and pet sitting ethos. We cherish your pets as our own, providing affectionate care and companionship. Our commitment to love means creating a warm, nurturing environment, ensuring your pets feel cherished and secure. With love as our core value, you can trust us to care for your furry family members with genuine affection and devotion.

Family in the Everglades
Laura Helen with a pig


Trust underpins our house and pet sitting ethos. We prioritize it because it guarantees the safety, happiness, and well-being of your home and beloved pets. We're committed to responsible, dependable, and ethical care, marked by open communication, respect for your property, and unwavering integrity. Ensuring you can leave your home and pets with complete peace of mind.

Family with their suitcases
Tegan Helen with a Great dane


Honesty is our foundation for house and pet sitting. We believe it's essential for transparent communication, respecting your trust. Our commitment to honesty means open, reliable, and ethical care. We'll always keep you informed, safeguard your property, and act with integrity. With honesty as our core value, you can confidently entrust your home and pets to our care.

Family in Hungary
Tyler David and a dog


Care is central to our house and pet sitting ethos. We prioritize it for the well-being and safety of your home and pets. Our commitment means vigilant attention, meticulous detail, and unwavering dedication. We go above and beyond to ensure your pets are comfortable and your home is secure. With care as our core value, trust us to treat your pets and property with utmost diligence and affection.

Family in the snow in Romania

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What others are saying about us.

"The whole family was a joy to welcome to our house and fur babies. From the moment we first messaged about the house sit / pet sit to the moment the house sit finished they made us feel at ease. When they first arrived with us the dogs took to them straight away. The house was left clean and tidy upon our return and our pets were all very happy and relaxed which was wonderful. Would highly recommend this family for any house sitting needs and we hope to have them back with us again in the near future."

- APRIL & CHARLIE (Nottingham England, Jul 2022 - 1 week 1 day)

"I highly recommend this lovely family. All my animals were very happy and cared for and the house was spotless. They sent me lots of photos when I was away, always lovely to receive. The children were wonderful and gave the dogs lots of playtime and love. I would definitely welcome them back again."

- TOTTIE (Ludlow England, May 2022 - 1 week 6 days)

"Laura and her family were brilliant Housesitters - it was our first experience using Housesitters but from the beginning Laura made it all so easy and we had great communication in the run up to the stay. They immediately put us at ease and the children were great, very friendly and so good with the pets! The house was super clean and tidy when we got back - and they'd even managed to change all the sheets for us to have fresh bed sheets to get back to ☺️ The cats and dogs all had a brilliant time with them and throughout the stay Laura kept in great communication keeping us up to date with everything going on. They're sitting for us again soon."

- KATE (Bristol England, Jul 2022 - 2 weeks)
A great family effort!

"Laura, David and their two children Tyler and Tegan came to our house in the countryside of Hungary to take care of the place, our 3 cats and 2 donkeys for the winter months in 2021/2. The place is quite remote as it sits on a bad road and for winter it is quite a challenge. The family were not perturbed by that and took it all in their stride. Tegan (12) and Tyler (9) were on donkey duty for the winter and did a great job with them. We noticed that they both became much more social with the contact and love they received from the kids. So we were very greatful for that. Laura and David were super easy to communicate with and managed all the various bills and property needs in a transparent and clear manner. They also did a few odd jobs around the place and painted, cleaned and tidied up. They also planted some veggies in the garden to give us a head start for the summer. Unfortunately they also had to deal with a very old cat who died during the winter. We were happy that Shpongle received the love and attention he needed in his last months under their care. On our return, the house was clean and the shed re-organised (amazing , as it was a disaster when we left:)) ) Everything was in good order. They even left us a pile of wood, cut and prepared for our return. We would recommend the family to others who need long term house sitters as they are for sure very trustworthy, clear and caring. Thanks you guys very much!"
Sanneke, Hungary, 06 June, 2022

Solar panels and pool maintanence

"This family were a friendly tidy happy family of authors, that love being outdoors in nature exactly as described in their profile, Their children were super polite, a pleasure to be around. This was a huge relief as we had never tried having house sitters before. They took excellent care of our dog, their kids especially loved our dog. David was extremely handy and hands-on with anything we needed help with (Painting, trimming back trees, fitting fences, general DIY, cutting up logs/firewood). They are consciences with the off-grid lifestyle and they were knowledgeable with the solar panels and battery systems also the generator. Were able to take care of the pool and the daily maintenance it requires. They had their own car which was a great bonus. They were quiet and looked after the place as though it as their own. Looked after the garden, vegetable patch and trees, even grew a fair amount. Great communication about the property and our dog. They left our home in great condition and I would highly recommend them as trusted house sitters."
By Ray Mansell, Spain, 01 December, 2020

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