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What is the 3 Tips For Aliens book series, soon to be cartoons?
An incredible concept thought up by an amazingly talent author named Tyler David at just age 4.
A super fun way to teach kids in just three easy steps.
This book is written as though the author is trying to teach space aliens how to best look after their pets, us humans.
Each book is broken down into "3 easy to understand steps", and each book includes fun activities. Tyler David is looking to make his books into fun educational cartoons for kids to reach even more kids in a fun and learning way.
We are looking into ways we can learn to help him create his very own cartoon series.


The Birth Of The Book Series

As a family we were on our way back from a half day event in London, when Tyler needed the bathroom.
When they have gotta go they have gotta go!
Thinking fast I took him into McDonalds, my thinking was it will be super busy lots of families, we can pop in and use the bathroom unnoticed.
We rush in, up the stairs to find the bathrooms, when Tyler stops, he stands still, watching the families. He looked up at me and asks, "why are their parents giving their kids bad foods?" He seems completely shocked and horrified at what he is seeing. After learning lots about what we put into our bodies and why, he is upset that parents are feeding their kids these foods. A tear runs down his cheek. I wipe his tears and explain we will have a talk about it after we have used the bathrooms and left.
As soon as we exit the building, he starts again questioning what he has just seen, I explain we will find somewhere we can sit and talk. We get off the main high street and go sit together in an empty bus stop. He asks again, “Why are the parents giving their kids these foods? Why are they trying to hurt their children? Mummy it doesn't make sense?" I hug him tight and calmly explained that not everyone knows what we know, not everyone listens or learns to the same things that we do. I explained that the parents are not trying to harm their children, they simply do not know any better.
He takes a moment to think this through, and then is ready to continue with our day. A few paces later he looks up at me and says, "someone should teach the kids this stuff!" I nod in agreement. A little later that day he says, "maybe I should teach the kids this stuff?" Again, I nod and smile in agreement. Then a little later he bursts out with his idea, like it flooded up inside him and he had to let it out right then!
"I will create a book and teach kids this stuff!" I smile and share what an excellent idea this is, he then continues to say "to make it fun I am going to pretend that us humans are pets for aliens, and that I am trying to teach aliens how to look after us…" then half covering his mouth like what he was going to say next was a big secret he says "but really I am teaching the kids in a fun way."
I was blown away that my little 4-year-old had such heart, passion and drive. I loved his new book concept. The very next day he created his plans on paper including fun activities in the back of the book. This was the birth of the book series "3 Tips For Aliens" Tyler David continues to amaze me and still finds different things he loves to teach and share with others.
Now aged 7 he currently has ten published books in his series and his newest goal is to have 100 books published by age ten including his books in different languages. I am excited to see what he continues to create.

The Beginning Of An Inventor

After watching his big sister selling out with her books at the Ultra Kid Club Fayre Tyler decided he wanted to invent something that he could sell, he kept creating and inventing things for months. Back then my eating habits were not what they are today, and I was rather inclined to eat biscuits dipped in tea (very British). Tyler used to love to join me though he did not like getting his fingers in the hot ( but not too hot) tea. After shopping one afternoon I was unpacking the shopping and I placed a couple packets of clothes pegs on the table. "I have the perfect solution" Tyler yelled super excited. I went to discover he had opened all 48 pegs out of the packet and now all over the table. "I have the perfect invention that people really need" he continued. "And they are plastic so you can wash them and reuse them". Very confused I asked him what his awesome idea was, he went on to explain, "no more burn-ey fingers mummy". Right there that was the moment he created his first sellable invention. 'The Biscuit Dipper'. When our kids have great ideas we jump on their great ideas and support them fully to try, fail and succeed. We continued the conversation again later with daddy and he asked Tyler lots of questions, such as why someone would pay you more for a peg instead of just getting a peg… He thought for a few days, asked me to help him google some ideas and then he had it, the perfect way to sell his invention and the kids Christmas fayre. He asked for mugs that look like cookie monsters with a hole for his mouth to put cookies in, he looked up fun ways to package hot chocolate and marshmallows, (used to be a Christmas tradition for us) and added his pegs. Packaged and wrapped as a beautiful Christmas gift. Aged 4 he took his idea to the kids Christmas fayre and just like his sister he sold out. Even the mayor of London bought three. He was so proud and excited making his first few hundred pounds. He continues to this day to come up with incredible ideas on a daily basis, many have already been invented, but we know one day he will invent something great.

Biscuit Dipper Find amazing & unique Christmas gifts

Tyler Goals and Dreams

Tyler's biggest goal is to save all Rhinos and Elephants, he has a huge passion for all animals. He also has set himself a goal to have 100 published books in his series '3 Tips For Aliens' by age ten and have them schools worldwide in many different languages. He aims to create his books into a fun educational cartoon. He also wants to invent something that makes a huge difference and helps lots of people worldwide. His Dreams are to go visit an African safari and spend time up close with the elephants, he also would love to swim with the sharks. He would love to go on a hot air balloon ride and visit Santa in the north pole.

Tyler David's chosen Charity and why?

All Tyler David’s book sales goes towards him supporting his favourite charity. After a trip to the National History Museum in London. When Tyler was very small, he was not even old enough to read or understand words yet, he saw the images of hunters standing over rhinos and elephants looking very proud and holding their huge tusks. He asked why they had killed these animals.
I explained that they were hunted for their tusks in the most fluffy kid friendliest way I could think of.
My boy who at the time still hid behind my leg when new people came to talk to me suddenly stood proud in front of a tour group and explained that mean people where killing these beautiful creatures and that we must save them. He explained that we had a big garden and how we could get a trailer to bring them to our house and keep them safe. Many of them could not hear him, he was so passionate he had tears running down his little face. As mummy tears filled my eyes with a mixture of pride and sadness. I was so proud that he was standing up for these amazing animals and getting others to help, and upset that this had made him so sad. We moved onto the elephant area where they had huge model examples of both African and Asian elephants, in front of the models were telephones that you could hear the difference in their calls.
Being so young he thought he was on the phone to the elephants and was trying to help them, "if you see humans, stamp In front of them and scare them away, they are going to hurt you, protect yourselves, we will save you soon". He has the biggest heart and meant every word. When we got back to Cornwall, he explained to one of the leaders of a toddler group how we must save the Elephants and she allowed him to bake and take in cakes to sell to start sending funds to save these animals.
After Tyler had created his first book in this series, we asked him if (like his sister) he would like to give some of the money to a charity? He was so excited! We researched charities that helped both Rhinos and Elephants. We then connected with them asking if he could support them in this way, they were so thrilled they made him an honorary ambassador for the charity. So 10% of all his book sales now goes to his chosen charity in Africa. We are excited to be able to one day take him to visit these beautiful animals in all their glory.

African Impact

Activity Pages

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Who is Tyler David?

Tyler David is the little boy with a huge heart and passion to help others, he is an inventor and is the proud author of the book series '3 Tips For Aliens'. He is a worldschooled kid who loves to spend quality time with his family while we travel the world.