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We've Uncovered 21
'New Secret Travel Strategies'

That Almost Nobody Knows About…

That has the ability to get your family on your travels faster than anything else you’ve ever experienced!

From: Laura Helen
London, England

My name is Laura Helen, and I'm part of a freedom family of entrepreneurs that you've probably never heard of.
Yet you've probably seen our adventures shared across your social media, on our TV show and heard us on many different podcasts, as the living example of how you can explore the world with your kids.
Which is kinda crazy, especially considering the fact that we took off just 5 short years ago, when our kids were just 4 and 7 and our journey, adventures and plans were completely unknown (even to us).

The Helen family

We had no money…
No one supported or believed in our dream…
And interestingly enough, we had just been through a very messy and expensive legal battle to make Tegan apart of family forever, putting us in over $50 Thousand in debt with the interest rates always rising!

Family adoption

Yet we were able to take our dream, turn it into an achievable goal using these secret travel strategies, and start our travels while our children were still young... Saving SO much allowing us to start paying off our DEBT!
And in just 3 short years, we PAID back ALL of our debt and became completely free from bills!

On top of that, we had created our life by design, we also: - Enjoyed 12 flights
- Visited 16 incredible locations
- Experienced many different cultures, languages ​and adventures.

Family enjoying fun times

So… What Are These 21 Travel Secrets
(And How You Can Use It To Start Your Journey!?!)

Over the past five years we have supported many individual's, couples and families to figure out which of our travel strategies work best for them? Our different strategies work for almost every situation you can dream of.

If your goal is to visit different countries on a budget, we have travel hacks for that…

If your goal is explore new places, cultures and languages, we have travel hacks for that as well…

Shortly after we took off on our travels, We created the first edition of this six week program, Life By Design, as a playbook to show other families how to quickly turn their dreams into an achievable goal with the SAME travel strategies that we used to travel and pay off our debt! The travel hacks that you will find inside this program have now helped many families around the world to explore and travel faster than ever before. This best selling program will give you access to all the processes, strategies, travel hacks, and tips that we use to explore the world with our kids, so you can create your own plan and turn it into the most exciting adventures for you and your family!


Family Travel Secrets:
The Underground Program…
For Travelling The World,
While Saving Money
And Inspiring Others…

Book, Creatively Homeless

And now I want to help you to create a travel plan for your family, so you can explore the world together as a family, creating your life by design!

Book, Creatively Homeless

Like I mentioned before, this is an incredible six week program designed to take you step by step from Dream, to Goal, to having your plan created and ready to put into action so you can start travelling with your family!

YES! Turn my Dream into an actionable PLAN!
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When You Get This Best Selling 6 Week Program…
Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover…

Inside of Family Travel Secrets I will be sharing with you the 21 secrets to help you turn your dream into an achievable goal.
Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of this program:

Week #1: How To Create Your Families Plan

  • Secret #1:
    HOW TO Get Clear On What Your Families DREAM Really Is! (How to get everyone on board)
  • Secret #2:
    How to turn your dream into a goal you can achieve
  • Secret #3:
    Discover your families life long dreams
  • Secret #4:
    Learn how best to support each other to keep moving towards those dreams
  • Secret #5:
    Turn your dreams into goals and learn how to combine them

Week #2: Discover Your True Potential

  • Secret #6:
    How to work out your Financial Freedom Number!​ (now you are clear on what your real number is, you realize your true potential!)
  • Secret #7:
    Create your plan for life by design

Week #3: Schooling Your Kids

  • Secret #8:
    Determine the many different schooling/unschooling methods
  • Secret #9:
    Learn how to positively transition, for both you and your kids
  • Secret #10:
    Learning Languages

Week #4: Working Remotely

  • Secret #11:
    How to create an income online anywhere in the world
  • Secret #12:
    Discover you dont need your own business/product or service to create an income
  • Secret #13:
    Learn how to make money while you sleep

Week #5: How To Get Travel Ready

  • Secret #14:
    What do you really need?
  • Secret #15:
    What is in our cases?
  • Secret #16:
    Storage, giveaway or throw?
  • Secret #17:
    Health and Safety. (Life and travel insurane)

Week #6: How To Travel Far On A Budget

  • Secret #18:
    Discover our top flight tips
  • Secret #19:
    Explore our pro-travel secrets, how and where to stay
  • Secret #20:
    Eat like a local
  • Secret #21:
    Friends and Family, the Do's and Don'ts
Lve your best life

Like I mentioned before, this is an incredible six week program designed to take you step by step from Dream, to Goal, to having your plan created and ready to put into action so you can start travelling with your family!

YES! We want to Create My Families Freedom Plan!!!
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What Are Others Already Saying About
'Family Travel Secrets?'

Profile picture, Olga

My mind is officially blown away! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
I had a power hour with Laura and I have more certainty than ever! If you want to feel liberated (even if you think you already are), free to live the life of your dreams (even if you think you already are doing it) - speaking to Laura is a MUST! She will definitely help you to destroy and demolish ANY of your doubts and second-guessing. And by the way, I am not that kind of person who is second-guessing often! Thank you, Laura, for helping me with my wobble, I am so happy I reached out! p.s. everyone else - yeah, thank me later for the recommendation, I know you WILL LOVE LAURA! 🤣

Profile picture, Steve Woody

"I've learnt many things in life and one of the most profound was the ability to love someone unconditionally. I'm reminded of that when I watch Laura with her family. There is a bond which you can see has been nurtured over time with care and attention. In a busy world where distractions are abundant, Laura has the ability to refocus you on the things in life which really matter".

YES! I want to travel NOW!!!
I want to create a LIFE I CHOOSE!

As You Can See…
Travel Secrets Has Already Helped Many People
Around The World…
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