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Recently, I spent a whole year at boarding school following six years of world travel with my family, where I was homeschooled. This experience has given me a new perspective on both types of schooling. Today, I want to share with you the good and bad aspects of both boarding school and homeschooling. One thing I like about homeschooling is the extra support when I'm stuck on a project or piece of work. Unlike in boarding school, where a teacher might have many students to help, my parents are more available to answer questions, guide us through mistakes, and provide feedback. As a result, we often achieve better results.

Another aspect of homeschooling that I love is the freedom to explore any question without judgment. There are no silly questions, and I can delve deep into topics like the size of the universe or the origins of the first plant. Instead of being dismissed, we turn these questions into homeschooling lessons, watching videos, consulting different sources, and even visiting places that enhance our understanding. This flexibility allows us to create our own plan and follow our passions.

I have a passion for dressmaking and design, and my parents supported me by taking me to a fabric store. Creating a skirt became my schoolwork, and I plan to expand this into a business. The ability to pursue personal interests is a unique advantage of homeschooling. In homeschooling, I often collaborate with my brother Tyler, which has its pros and cons. While his mindset and resourcefulness are incredible, having diverse opinions from various classmates in traditional school can be beneficial. However, the freedom to tailor our learning to our strengths and weaknesses is a major advantage.

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One thing I do also like about world schooling is that 80% of the time I'm working with the same person, which is my brother Tyler, which is quite incredible sometimes because his mindset is awesome and he's so resourceful and funny. He can always find an answer to everything, no matter how challenging or even impossible it seems. Additionally, he motivates me and cheers me up when I'm feeling down, which really does help me, even though I don't always say it or appreciate or even realize it. Sometimes it is a little bad because I'll only have his opinion.

I appreciate the flexibility of homeschooling in adjusting the focus based on my performance. If I excel in a subject like Science, I can dedicate more time to it, and if I struggle in areas like Math or English, I focus on improving. This adaptability is not possible in a traditional school with set lessons. One of the unique aspects of homeschooling is combining multiple lessons into one. For instance, a task like detailing the water cycle can become a Science and English lesson, incorporating drama and art elements. This efficiency allows us to finish our lessons in a few hours, leaving the rest of the day for activities we enjoy. While I enjoy the school library, the flexibility of homeschooling allows us to access books without restrictions. Even in places without a library, we find alternatives like library boxes or generous hosts sharing their collections.

Homeschooling also offers real-life skills such as budgeting and cooking. A recent challenge involved managing a budget for a week's worth of meals, teaching us valuable life skills beyond traditional academic subjects. I do acknowledge that playing sports at school has its advantages due to the variety of activities and the availability of equipment. Additionally, interacting with peers at school can be easier, although making new friends in different environments has its own benefits.

In conclusion, I prefer homeschooling over traditional schooling because of its flexibility, support, and focus on real-life skills. It allows me to be myself, pursue my interests, and learn in a way that suits me. I've come to appreciate these benefits after experiencing both boarding school and homeschooling. I'm curious to know about your schooling experiences and what you liked or disliked about them. Feel free to share your thoughts! Thank you for reading. Bye!

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