Getting Out Of Debt!

Getting Out Of Debt!

Written by David Herbert December 29, 2018


Summer fields

Were knew there was a better way, better than the 40-hour work week, 45 years and then retire to do the things that you want to do with your life.
We wanted better for us and better for our children. Being told no, and sorry we can’t afford that as a child I knew that I wanted something different when I raised my children.
It started when we saw Harry Singhar at a personal development event in London. Most of the information was new that we heard but all of it made sense.
We took the steps to start implementing what we had heard, taking action and moving forward. A month later we came across another event and we took part, this was a 2-day weekend event, most of the events were in London. Having to travel from Cornwall, 200 miles away and staying in London for 2 nights, and the cost of the event meant sometimes we were living tightly Knowing that it would pay off, in the end, we went for it. Straight away gaining some real nuggets to come away with and to move our business forward, we knew we were in the right room.
Having four different businesses to apply it to meant we were losing focus, and having small successes in all areas, rather than a large success in what we needed at the time.
We were almost addicted to self-development events, not in a bad way, not "course junkies" as we did take action in what we learnt and we were improving in all aspects of life. We became knowledge seekers, as the more you learn about the things you didn't know you didn't know, the more you realise that there is lots to learn that you didn't know you didn't know.
Having large financial obligations with legal fees from a two-year court battle for the adoption process, we were getting swamped.
After a few months of this, we decided we had to find another way, it was then that we decided to move to London. Where we would have a $12,000+ difference a year.
(Find out how Here.)
We previously had an IVA and knew we did not want to go through that again. We had obligations to pay and by any means possible we were going to pay every penny back. Moving to London was not a choice for fashion, or to be closer to the city lights, it was out of necessity to save and repay.
1 year on we have paid 95% back, we have a little more to repay and then we will be free, the last remaining are close friends and we value their friendship and have all intentions of paying every penny with interest. There is one guy who has helped us in our dire need and we have found an awesome gift as a big thank you. Him and his partner will love it.
We have learnt that you can travel on a budget, we have learnt how to get the very best deals, where and how to save. When we were in Miami with an invitation to Las Vegas to sell Tegan’s books, it was such a great opportunity that we could not miss it. We ordered 150 copies of her book. (we were so lucky that Amazon had put her books on 50% offer, the great thing with this is that her books are usually $14, and we receive $6.93 in royalties, when her books were discounted we still received the full amount of royalties,) 150 books costing us $10, I wish we had more finances to buy more. Knowing that we would receive the royalties in 30 days gave us hope for the month to come.

Tegan Helen with book, Money for Kids

With the invitation to sell the books and a recommendation to sell them for $20. We set on our way. Fly or drive. Flying was $600 and we needed accommodation for 10 days in Vegas or take a 10-day drive for $800 with a few stops on the way. If we were to sleep a couple nights in the car, we could spend the day at Disneyland.

"Do what others won’t so that you can have things that others can't"

Office discussion over desk

We had return flights from Miami to London, this was the end of our trip as such, (well this was time upon our visa's) what were we to do? London was the original plan, but then what? Seeing all sorts of snowy pictures reinstalled the fact that we did not want to go back to London, with the prices so expensive minimum of £700 a month. Looking for the best possible deal we found Costa Rica a cabana with a pool close to the beach for £300 for the month. (we use Airbnb so all bills are included). Moving to Costa Rica was a necessity, giving us accommodation and an internet connection so that we could work online, acquiring more clients, completing other books and paying off our obligations gave us the most incredible 3 months of our lives.

Family exploring the woods

Getting up early (4/5 am) seeing nature and wildlife, out of necessity as we still could not afford to live in our home country.
We sometimes live so close to the breadline that issues occur, we are dead-set on paying back as much as we can, we sometimes leave ourselves short, LAX is a prime example of this, when we had issues with the plane tickets and the company we bought them from had not communicated with the airline, left us without a ticket and with very little left.

Trafic at LAX airport

Having to spend a couple of days in LAX airport waiting for a refund and having to then try and buy a ticket on the day meant we had not had enough to get us to where we needed to be.
If this was the worst experience with our travels then I would be relieved, more on that another day.
Look out for Worst Week Ever.

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